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How To Take Care Of Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are water retaining plants that can adapt to arid conditions. The terms other people use for this specific type of plant are “fat plants” and “simple succulent”. These plants are able to store water by using their leaves, roots, and even stems. Some examples of common succulent plants are the following: aloe vera, cacti, moonstones, and air plants.

In this article, allow me to share with you some tips on how to take better care of your succulents.

1. They do not like the cold weather.
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Keep in mind that frost and snow can kill succulent plants. They can’t live in places where the temperature is too cold. Whenever it is raining or snowing outside, it is best to bring them inside your home. Once they are in the comfort of your own home, you have to provide them with heat.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Succulents? This May Help

2. They need sunlight.

Plants in general and especially succulent plants need sunlight to survive. If your succulent plants are living with you inside your home, it is a good idea to place them near the window. Investing on plant lights is also a very wise decision. This is important when planning to grow them inside your home. However, if you are planning to grow them outdoors, it is recommendable to grow them underneath big trees.

3. Even succulent plants need water.

Even if succulent plants have the ability to store water, you still need to water them every now and then. This won’t consume much of your time or energy, believe it or not, you only need to water them two to three times in a month.

4. Provide them with the right fertilizer.

No matter what kind of plants you have, fertilizers will always be good for them. When giving them fertilizer, you have to be careful with the amount you put. Putting too much fertilizer on your plants will not benefit them at all.

Low nitrogen fertilizer is perfect for your succulent plants. It is advisable that you only use 1/2 of the recommended rate. When choosing between organic and synthetic fertilizer, go for the organic one.

5. Get rid of mealy bugs.

One problem that you will encounter when growing succulent plants are mealy bugs. These tiny pests are very hard to find because of their natural color and size. They survive by feeding on the tissues of succulent plants. If you are dealing with a mealy bug infestation in the future, treat it as an emergency problem so that they do not multiply.

Luckily, exterminating these small pests is very easy. Just spray your plant with a mixture of alcohol and water and say goodbye to your problem. It does not get any easier than that.

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