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Seaside Cruiser Bicycle History. What is a Seaside Cruiser Bicycle?


You may have landed on this web-site and are asking yourself: “what is a beach cruiser bicycle?”…or it’s possible you think you know what a beach cruiser is, but you might be not really sure? Consider it from us, we know our stuff! After all, we are in the business of offering beach cruiser bikes, so let’s reveal this for you!

Seaside cruiser bicycles can be regarded an “aged college” or a “vintage” style of bicycle, considering that their history dates back again all the way to the 1930’s. In simple fact, beach cruiser bikes were being incredibly well-known back again in the 1930’s-1950’s. Like several well-known beach cruisers these days, in the aged days beach cruiser bikes were being characterised by the pursuing options: huge balloon style tires, upright seating placement, straightforward design, straightforward solitary-velocity operation, snug seat, and some other qualities shared with beach cruiser bicycles these days.

Starting in the 1960’s, the beach cruiser commenced to sag in reputation. The bicycle marketplace commenced to get crowded with a wide variety of other bicycle options together with: activity style highway bikes, mountain bikes, and other individuals. Several shoppers preferred the multi-velocity ability of highway bikes, off-highway ability of mountain bikes, and in some situations the lighter weight and easier portability provided by competing styles of bikes.

Starting sometime in the 1990’s, the beach cruiser bicycle commenced to experience a new massive surge in reputation. Bicycle purchasers commenced to once more respect the traditional vintage style, straightforward design and straightforward operation of beach cruisers. From the 1990’s until finally these days, bike purchasers keep on to be drawn to beach cruiser bikes for their style, affordability, and simplicity. Seaside cruisers are significantly well-known on faculty campuses, oceanfront beach communities, flat rural places, and even in several substantial urban cities. When beach cruiser bicycles are generally related with beach cities in Southern California, they are frequently used in places all more than the United states of america and the world.

In a world of hi-tech gizmos and extremely sophisticated bicycle technology, there are a good deal of individuals out there who respect using a excellent aged fashioned beach cruiser bicycle (and you really don’t require to stay at the beach to trip one particular!). Look at out the collection of good quality beach cruisers provided by Makai Bikes, and probably you far too will begin to see the virtues of beach cruising!

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