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Finding a Good Dog Boarding Kennel Dog owners know when they get a pet that they may have to travel at some point and not be able to bring their beloved pet. Leaving your pet behind isn’t easy to do and is a subject that can cause stress and concern. Some accommodations are available for pets that can ensure they are happy and healthy while you are away. A good idea would be to ask your dog’s vet for references. Asking other pet owners for referrals can also be helpful if you know that they have experience in traveling without their pet. It is also recommended to call local boarding kennels to get more knowledge to work with. It is important to find out some critical information when speaking to these facilities. The first thing that should be asked is how the dog will be housed. It is important to know if they offer cages or free roaming rooms. Pets that aren’t crate trained may not do well in a crated living space. Older pets with health concerns or any dogs that are used to roaming free would likely do better in an open space or room that allows them to move freely. Touring the facility is a good idea to rest your mind at ease. The facilities should be clean and well cared for and this is something to look for while you are touring.
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Some even offer a hotel style living arrangement complete with toys and a dog bed. It is also important to ask the dog boarding kennel how often your dog will be walked and given meals. Ensuring that your dog has plenty of time for exercise and going to the bathroom is vital for their comfort and health. A good facility will also be able to give your pet the type of diet that they are accustomed to. A good idea is to provide some special treats that they like that the facility can give them while you are traveling.
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The dog boarding kennel should let you know what their policy is on interaction with other animals. If your dog isn’t good at socializing with other pets or gets overactive then it is important that they not interact. If your dog is used to having regular interaction then a monitored environment for play may be ideal. Make sure to have a plan for any health problems with the dog boarding kennel so that you know they will have veterinary care as soon as possible should the need arise. You can find a great dog boarding kennel for your pet by following the advice given in this article.

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