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Car Wage Packaging – Truth of the matter Lies and Tax Deductions

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 Car Wage Packaging can help you save some Australians countless numbers of bucks a 12 months. However, as most advice provided about car wage packaging is not exact, some individuals progress with car wage packaging even while it is of  no reward to them.

This write-up will help you distinguish involving exact tax advice and deceptive internet marketing fluff, and help you make the correct decision about how to structure your subsequent motor vehicle obtain.

I am certain by the finish you will concur that tax advice should really only be provided by tax advisers.

 What is Car Wage Packaging?

Auto wage packaging is where you direct your employer to spend vehicle costs on your behalf, rather of shelling out wages into your bank account just after deducting tax.

 It usually operates where your employer will make payments on a novated lease. A novated lease will usually require both of those the car financing and running costs of the vehicle. In other phrases, your car charges are paid by your employer and deducted from your spend.

 In certain situation a tax reward can crop up where the tax payable on the packaged car payments is a lot less than the tax payable on the wage payments.

 Will everybody reward from Car Wage Packaging?

 Not everybody will reward from car wage packaging.

 The taxation final result of car wage packaging is dependent on a variety of variables like wage, price tag of car, style of employer, kilometres travelled and importantly Business enterprise Usage.

 However, most paperwork that I have noticed appreciably overstate the taxation added benefits of wage packaging a vehicle due to inaccurate examination.

 What is even more disturbing is that the owners of the leasing and motor vehicle organizations know that their paperwork appreciably overstate the taxation added benefits of Wage Packaging a vehicle – and they even now proceed to use them as a internet marketing tool to promote leases and autos.

 If you are looking through a document that is projecting a taxation saving, and the document includes a disclaimer with phrases to the impact of ‘Our staff members/firm are not competent/certified to give taxation advice. For Taxation advice you should see your accountant’ – alarm bells should really begin ringing! An instance disclaimer from a person of Australia’s most significant wage packaging advisory companies’ sites:

 “Notes & disclaimers

  • The (I have eliminated the firm title as my authorized advisors are by now overworked) calculator is only intended to give an estimate of the savings you might achieve and is not meant as a alternative for experienced advice. It is proposed that you seek experienced money advice ahead of earning any selections about your wage deal.
  • All calculations are based on own money tax premiums and thresholds for the 2009/10 money 12 months.”

  Illustration of no taxation reward

 There are quite a few situations when car wage packaging will create a taxation reward.

 There are just as quite a few situations when car wage packaging will not create any taxation reward!

 I as soon as acted for a consumer who brought me a document suggesting that he would help you save near to $10,000 per 12 months wage packaging a vehicle. He was a gross sales rep leasing a four wheel drive vehicle. When I place his one of a kind situation into our firm’s software package, it explained to me he would acquire no taxation reward from car wage packaging.

 This obtained my consideration and straight away I assumed that our calculator was incorrect. Right after conference with the owner of the leasing enterprise who issued the document to our consumer (the owner of the leasing enterprise was not incompetent when it came to tax, his track record was as a tax adviser). All through our conference it became distinct that our calculators were being calculating distinctive matters because we had distinctive requirements.

 Our calculator was intended to advise a consumer as to irrespective of whether they would acquire a taxation reward from wage packaging a car… or not.

 Their calculator was intended only to help promote automobiles. It failed to think about the taxation deduction that our consumer could by now acquire by way of his tax return!

 Auto Wage Packaging vs Motor Vehicle Allowance

 To accurately estimate the taxation reward of car wage packaging, it is crucial to think about any tax deduction that you would by now be entitled to assert in your tax return.

 In your tax return you can assert up to 5000 kms of vacation, with out a logbook (it does want to be authentic enterprise related vacation). However, if you retain a log ebook you are capable to assert the enterprise share of your precise car costs.

 Employers are capable to reimburse their staff for motor vehicle costs that relate to enterprise usage by shelling out staff a motor vehicle allowance. This allowance is correctly money to the employee in their tax return.

 An employee can then assert a tax deduction for their really enterprise motor vehicle costs in their tax return, pursuant to taxation regulation.

 You can not assert motor vehicle costs in your money tax return if you wage deal the vehicle. As a result, this volume should really be deducted from the projected tax saving for car wage packaging. It not often is.

 Talk to the correct issue or get the completely wrong answer

 The issue to inquire when considering car wage packaging is not “in isolation how substantially tax will a particular method of wage packaging help you save me?”

 That what most deceptive wage packaging estimates challenge.

 The accurate issue is, “What is the tax reward of wage packaging, as opposed to any other solution offered to me, like boasting my car costs in my tax return?”.

 That is not the issue currently being answered by most wage packaging internet marketing organizations.

 The table beneath is taken from a person of Australia’s most significant wage packaging advisory website’s on the web calculators.

Savings – Novated lease Without the need of Wage Packaging

Annual gross wage


Taxable money


Fewer PAYG tax


Fewer Medicare Levy

-$one,a hundred twenty five.00

Choose-property spend

$fifty seven,525.00

Car or truck Lease Cost (Right after Tax)


Disposable money


With Wage Packaging

Annual gross wage


Car or truck Bundle Cost(Ahead of Tax)


Taxable money


Fewer PAYG tax


Fewer Medicare levy


Choose-property spend


Car or truck Bundle Cost (Right after Tax)


Disposable money


Your Wage Packaging Gain

Your saving off the Motor Vehicle Lease by Wage Packaging is:


% Boost in your equal wage packaging:


This web page has suggested me that I could help you save $5,436.95 in tax by obtaining a new car through them.

 Sound also very good to be genuine?

 It is possibly.

 The web page did not inquire me if I had any enterprise use for the vehicle. If I did, I would be entitled to a tax deduction for that usage only if I do not wage deal it by way of a novated lease. As a result, if I had any enterprise usage, the saving
projected is overstated
. There are possibly other components that would affect the final result as perfectly.

 To give accurate examination, you want to think about the one of a kind situation of the personal.

 You also want to answer the correct issue – what is the Benefit of Wage Packaging?

 What info do you want to accurately analyse car wage packaging?

  • Taxable Income eg money just after all tax deductions, wage packaging into Super and so on
  • Employers FBT Position
  • Cost of the car
  • GST on car
  • Running charges of car
  • Petrol
  • Coverage
  • Repairs & Routine maintenance
  • Rego
  • Finance charges for novated lease (payment, expression, residual, interest amount)
  • Charges connected with the novated lease
  • Finance price tag of choice finance (get car loan interest price tag)
  • Total Kilometres
  • Business enterprise Kilometres

 It is not achievable to give exact advice by only asking for: annual gross wage, style of vehicle, state, distance travelled and a lease interval.

 This examination is elaborate, and it is based mostly on estimates. If the precise change – the tax placement might improve. There are numerous approaches for boasting costs in your tax return, as perfectly as numerous approaches to estimate fringe added benefits tax which may differ based on the client’s situation.

 To give exact advice, you want the entire photograph and good calculator to help you.

 That’s why it can be really worth shelling out (say) $a hundred and eighty to see an accountant, instead than relying on no cost advice currently being provided by a person who is hoping to promote you finance and a vehicle.

 New Wage Packaged Vehicle vs. Maintaining present automobile

On quite a few instances I have been asked by customers to evaluate the price tag just after entirely accounting for the taxation placement of trying to keep an present vehicle/obtaining a next hand vehicle and wage packaging a new vehicle.

 The truth is, there are no taxation miracles. Consider you are evaluating wage packaging a vehicle which will price tag $20,000 to run for the 12 months, with a vehicle that you by now possess that will only price tag $5,000 to run for the 12 months.

 I can’t think of any situation where you will get a tax reward that will exceed the out of pocket price tag variation involving the two autos.

 While everything is achievable, it is very not likely that the out of pocket price tag of a new vehicle is going to be a lot less than the price tag of trying to keep your present car.


Most advice currently being distributed about car wage packaging is internet marketing fluff and not really worth the paper it can be published on.

 In my perspective, most of the promoting for wage packaged autos is so deceptive and deceptive it warrants prosecution from the office of truthful buying and selling. But in reality, not like defective products, the consumer of wage deal advice will usually not realise that they have been mislead into obtaining a wage packaged car which does not create them any taxation saving at all.

 If you want to make a sensible decision, study the disclaimer and get tax advice from a competent accountant ahead of you progress with car wage packaging… and you should not sign everything till you do!

 While this write-up has highlighted the inaccuracy of most wage packaging advice, there are quite a few Australians who can acquire a tax reward from wage packaging! Illustrations include things like individuals with very low enterprise usage and high salaries obtaining moderately priced automobiles which vacation high kilometres, and staff of organisations that get pleasure from reduced FBT premiums.

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