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Car Repair – Car Repair in the Function of Flood Injury


If the engine is working at superior revs and (or) the flood is pretty deep the engine will hydraulic this indicates that subsequent the induction of h2o on the compression stroke, the engine will lock up as h2o are unable to be compressed.

At times, this will cause even further challenges this sort of as bent con-rods, the danger of which boosts if the driver then makes an attempt to crank or start off the engine.

If mechanical hurt this sort of as this occurs then it is not a issue that can be fixed roadside.


one. Never ever Crank the engine. This can easily cause additional expensive hurt.

two. Get rid of all induction elements i.e. air filter box, air metering products and all air ducting and disconnect injectors (electrically)

3. Get rid of Spark Plugs (Petrol engines) or Glow Plugs (Diesel engines)

four. Dismantle as needed to permit h2o to escape from throttle physique and inlet manifold.

5. Reverse move four

6. Crank engine by hand to check timing

7. Crank engine with throttle pedal fully frustrated right up until all h2o is ejected but beware of superior force h2o becoming ejected from combustion chambers. Reconnect Injectors

8. Re-match a single spark or glow plug and crank again. The engine ought to “cough”.

9. Re-match next spark or glow plug and crank again. The engine will “cough” and might even run.

10. Re-match 3rd spark or glow plug and crank again. The engine will possibly run.

11. Re-match the fourth plug and crank again. The engine ought to run.

twelve. Be certain all induction elements are dry and re-match using a NEW air filter.

thirteen. Begin engine. It ought to run usually if the engine hunts (faltering revs) the air stream sensor is suspect.

fourteen. Alter the oil and oil filter. Mil light might be on so code clearing might be needed.

fifteen. Promote the car speedily!

For five, six and 8 cylinder engines, the process is the exact just recurring for each individual cylinder.

We hope this information and facts is helpful. Please phone Car-Doc Uk on 0845 0780628 or pay a visit to ought to you travel your car into a flood. We can get you started by the roadside.

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