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California Pedestrian Accident Stats


When cars and trucks collide with pedestrians, there is significant potential for major injuries. Pedestrian/motor vehicle incidents are a major trouble all over the globe. The United States has a specific trouble with pedestrian deaths and injuries. About 5,000 pedestrians are killed and an additional 64,000 are injured in motor vehicle incidents every calendar year in this nation.

The adhering to represents pedestrian incident data for the United States according to the Nationwide Highway Visitors Affiliation and the Insurance plan Institute for Highway Protection.

– Pedestrian fatalities account for eleven % of motor vehicle fatalities.
– Around one hundred eighty,000 pedestrians have been killed in motor vehicle incidents among 1975 and 2005.
– Pedestrians comprise the second most significant group of motor vehicle incident deaths adhering to occupant deaths.
– On ordinary, a pedestrian is injured in a targeted traffic incident every 8 minutes.
– On ordinary, a pedestrian is killed in a targeted traffic incident every 111 minutes.
– In 2005 a complete of 4,881 pedestrian ended up killed in motor vehicle incidents.
– In 2005, the per capita pedestrian death charge was one.six per a hundred,000 folks.

Usually, pedestrian deaths charges are bigger in city locations. There is a bigger ratio of deaths to injuries in rural locations for the reason that of bigger influence speeds on rural streets. Even so, pedestrian incidents come about most routinely in city locations for the reason that pedestrian activity and targeted traffic volumes are higher in contrast to rural locations.

The Nationwide Protection Council estimates that eighty % of all non-lethal pedestrian incidents in the United States come about in city locations and fourteen.3 % come about in rural locations.

– Almost two-thirds of all pedestrian fatalities come about on city streets.
– In 2005, seventy two % of pedestrian deaths occurred in city settings.

Even though a significant variety of pedestrian injuries come about at intersections, the bulk of pedestrian incidents come about at spots other than intersections. This is thanks to bigger vehicle speeds and the truth that motorists are not anticipating any stops.

– Around forty % of the fatalities in 2002 occurred on streets with out crosswalks.
– In 2003, 65 % of incidents involving pedestrians occurred at non-intersections.
– In 2005, 71 % of pedestrian deaths occurred on significant streets, including interstates and freeways.

Statistically, males are a lot more possible to be concerned in a pedestrian/motor vehicle incident than females.

About sixty nine % of pedestrian fatalities are male, and the male pedestrian injuries charge is roughly 58 % bigger than for females.

– In 2005, 70 % of pedestrian deaths ended up comprised of males.
– In 2003, the male pedestrian fatality charge per a hundred,000 populace was 2.27 – a lot more than double the charge for females which was one.01 per a hundred,000 populace.

The huge bulk of lethal pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions come about on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in later night hours.

In 2005, the proportion of pedestrian deaths was substantially higher on Friday and Saturday. Also, forty five % of the pedestrian deaths in 2005 occurred among six pm and midnight.

– In 2005, 49 % of all pedestrian fatalities occurred on Friday (seventeen %), Saturday (18 %), or Sunday (fourteen %).
– In 2005, 24 % of pedestrian deaths occurred from six pm-9pm and 21 % occurred from 9pm-midnight.

Youthful small children and the aged are the most susceptible for pedestrian incident linked injuries. Dependent on populace, small children underneath the age of sixteen decades are most possible to be struck by motor vehicles.

– In 2003, practically one particular-fifth of all targeted traffic fatalities for victims underneath the age of sixteen ended up pedestrians.
– In 2003, almost one particular-forth of all targeted traffic fatalities for small children among 5 and 9 decades aged ended up pedestrians.
– In 2002, forty % of all pedestrians underneath the age of sixteen occurred among 5 pm and 9 pm.

Aged pedestrians, while struck a lot less routinely than small children, are a lot more possible to die immediately after getting struck by a vehicle. This group accounts for sixteen % of all pedestrian fatalities and six % of all pedestrian injuries.

– In 2005, the charge of pedestrian deaths per a hundred,000 folks was about twice as significant for folks age 70 and more mature than for those people younger than 70 – 2.9 per a hundred,000 populace.
– In 2005, 35 % of pedestrian deaths amongst folks 70 and more mature occurred at intersections, in contrast with 21 % for those people younger than 70.

Dashing is a significant contributing aspect in motor vehicle incidents of all types and has major consequences when a pedestrian is concerned.

At bigger speeds, motorists are not as possible to see a pedestrian. At bigger speeds, motorists are even a lot less possible to be in a position to quit in time to steer clear of hitting a pedestrian.

– A pedestrian has an eighty five % chance of death when concerned in a motor/vehicle collision at forty mph, a forty five % chance of death at 30 mph, and a 5 % chance of death at 20 mph.

– In 2005, 78 % of pedestrian deaths in rural locations occurred on streets with pace restrictions of forty mph or bigger.

When a pedestrian is concerned in a motor vehicle incident they are at chance for a great number of major injuries. Pedestrians’ head, legs, and arms are the most susceptible in an incident. Often, pedestrians endure excessive bodily injuries these kinds of as:

– Traumatic mind injuries
– Spinal cord injuries
– Paraplegia
– Quadriplegia
– Coma
– Fractured bones

Most pedestrians are struck by the entrance of a passenger vehicle. The first contacts are with the vehicle bumper and/or the entrance edge of the hood, based on the form of the vehicle composition. When pedestrians are struck by taller vehicles these kinds of as SUV’s or pickup vehicles, the first contacts are bigger on the human body.

In an NHTSA pedestrian incident review, forty % of pedestrian injuries resulted from contact with the vehicle, 32 % resulted from contact with the ground, and 26 % resulted from contact with unknown objects.

– For a younger baby, the bumper will strike the thigh, and the entrance edge of the hood will strike the torso.
– For an grownup male, the bumper will strike the knee area, and the entrance edge of the hood will strike the thigh.

There are numerous prevalent components that lead to pedestrian incidents. Carelessness is one particular of the most prevalent components. Motorists have a responsibility to adhere to the laws of the highway and generate in a secure and observant way at all instances. Pedestrians are killed every working day thanks to a driver’s carelessness.

Some prevalent negligent practices by motorists consist of:
– Inattentive or pre-occupied motorists are possibly very perilous for pedestrians.
– A driver’s failure to notice posted pace restrictions can include to the severity in a pedestrian/motor vehicle incident.
– A driver’s failure to yield the correct of way to pedestrians at marked cross walks can increase the chance of getting concerned in a pedestrian/motor vehicle incident.
– A driver’s disregard for targeted traffic regulate equipment can also increase the chance of getting concerned in a motor/vehicle incident.

There are lots of things that can be done to minimize pedestrian collisions. Increasing the design and style and elements of roadways and employing instructional and group applications have wonderful potential.
Some of the most important categories of engineering variations that can be created to roadways consist of separation of pedestrians from vehicles by time or room, steps that increase the visibility and conspicuity of pedestrians, and reduction of vehicle speeds. Separation countermeasures minimize the exposure of pedestrians to potential hurt on the roadside and when crossing the avenue.

Some helpful separation countermeasures consist of:
– Sidewalks
– Overpasses
– Underpasses
– Refuge islands in the medians of occupied two-way streets

Greater illumination and improved signal timing at intersections can be helpful in growing the visibility and conspicuity of pedestrians.

Some steps to increase the visibility and conspicuity of pedestrians consist of:

– Greater depth of roadway lighting
– Diagonal parking
– Relocation of bus stops at targeted traffic indicators from the near to the considerably side of the intersection

For the reason that targeted traffic speeds have an affect on the chance and severity of pedestrian incidents, reducing speeds can minimize pedestrian deaths.

Some helpful engineering steps to minimize vehicle speeds in city locations consist of:

– Development of present day roundabouts in location of quit signals and targeted traffic indicators
– Visitors calming equipment these kinds of as pace humps
– Multiway quit signals

Educational and group-based applications could considerably minimize the variety of pedestrian collisions.

Educational messages that instruct small children about avenue crossings could significantly minimize community incidents involving small children darting out into the avenue.

Neighborhood-based applications could lead by constructing and refurbishing playgrounds in city locations to minimize the variety of small children playing in the streets. The institution of supervised recreation applications would also minimize the variety of small children playing in the streets.

Prolonged-phrase data shows a declining development in pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions. Given that 1975, pedestrian deaths have declined from seventeen % to eleven % in 2005.

The charge of pedestrian deaths per a hundred,000 folks decreased from 3.5 in 1975 to one.six in 2005. Even while the yearly variety of pedestrian incidents is slowly and gradually lowering, the truth stays that there are sixty nine,000 pedestrian incidents every year.

Youthful small children and the aged have always held the maximum threats of pedestrian death and injuries. Change and development ought to be a precedence for as extended as it will take to get rid of pedestrian collisions entirely.

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