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Get a Better Lawn – Quick Lawn Tips If you want to make your lawn look perfect, there are certain lawn care tips that would make your lawn look fresh every day, the key to maintaining your lawn in a weekly basis without doing major work will be easy. When spring arrives, lawns will certainly need their spring feed and that will be the lawn fertilizer, be sure that the fertilizer will contain nitrogen. And make sure that its backed up with phosphate and potash. You have to know that one feed per annum will not be enough at all. To make it all better when your lawn looks a little jaded be sure to add in some nitrogen rich fertilizer and also add some proprietary lawn tonic. You should know that an autumn lawn care feed will also be good for concentrating more on the phosphates and potash rather than the nitrogen, it will be good for combined worm killer and disease preventives. Rainfall is a good thing for watering the lawn, it provides enough water supply to go down the roots of the plants and will keep them moist for a period of time. Watering your lawn yourself will come at summer and spring, where rain is rarely occurring and dry spells will come over the land. You will notice the change in color when your lawn turns from green to straw or even brown, that will be the first signs of drought. You should water you lawn during the coolest time of the day or night, you should also consider investing in a rotary sprinkler. Best for watering will be once a week for optimum lawn care, just make sure you water everything up, also it is preferable to water the plants only when it is really hot. This will help with deep root development which is important when you want to have the perfect lawn.
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You have to take care of the weed as well, weed will do nothing but destroy your lawn. But with an established lawn, you will have good quality seed turf and the rules of maintaining must be followed. Be sure that you properly mow the lawn, it will help as well, it will have its own correct height. Your lawn will survive any dry spell as long as proper watering and mowing is established.
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If you want to keep your lawn perfectly taken care of, be sure to control the weed as well, scarifying will work so be sure to do it properly, when you follow all of the tips above you will certainly have a perfect lawn to enjoy with your family and friends.

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