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Health and Beauty Tips: Facts and Tips About Collagen Products There are several types of collagen found in the body, and there are also three kinds of dietary collagen that include fish collagen found in the market today. Type I collagen is normally produced in the hair, nails, skin, bones, and ligaments, that’s why this is usually used in manufacturing skin and beauty products. Type II collagen applies to the cartilage while Type III collagen applies to fibrous proteins found in bones, cartilages, dentins, tendons and other connective tissues. The sources of collagen include piscine or fish collagen, bovine or cow collagen, porcine or pig collagen, and foul or chicken collagen. Choosing the right collagen supplement for you can help you in achieving a beautiful, smooth and healthy skin. Because of its capability to increase the body’s overall collagen for skin improvement as well as quality hair, nails and bones, fish collagen is considered the top choice for skin and beauty products manufacturers even though fish collagen peptides cost more than other collagen sources. It is essential to check other key ingredients or supporting ingredients when shopping for a fish collagen supplement such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. When it comes to collagen synthesis, ascorbic acid or vitamin C plays a vital role. Fish collagen supplements combined with ascorbic acid are either taken orally or topically, enhancing its effects and increases the body’s own production of natural collagen. There are studies showing that hyaluronic acid can help in the moisture retention of the skin from the inside, thus reducing wrinkles, skin dryness and promoting smoother and softer skin. It is best to avoid shopping fish collagen supplements with unnecessary ingredients such as fillers (maltodextrin), artificial ingredients, sugars, flavors, and oils. Be sure to read the product label so you can make an informed judgement. Because of their superior anti-aging properties, most beautiful, and skin experts consider hyaluronic acid and vitamin C as the essential ingredients to maximize the benefits of a fish collagen supplement. While it is true that other ingredients found in collagen supplements include glucosamine, CoQ10, and arginine have their own benefits, having these extra ingredients may add higher costs than the benefit they can actually provide in the formula. When shopping for a collagen supplement, it is best to know the supporting ingredients and the type of collagen sources are essential to make a smart decision because although most dietary collagen supplements are taken on a daily basis, not all collagen supplements offer the maximum beauty results. For more information about fish collagen supplements, you may visit our website or homepage. Our company is dedicated, passionate and committed to providing the best fish collagen supplements to our online clients.3 Lessons Learned: Options

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