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Oregon Investments And The Potential Industries To Consider

Each and every time we think of the west coast, the state of California always comes to mind. The next state that will come to mind would practically be Washington being the home of Microsoft and then lastly would be the state of Oregon. Due to the fact that Oregon is practically located between two huge States, it does not seem to get recognition and attention that it deserves.

Despite that being said Oregon is still slowly taking its time to rise above and take recognition on the improvements and innovation in many different fields. This particular fact is the very reason why Oregon could present a potential solid invest to any capitalist be it a venture or resident capitalist. The next few paragraphs contains information on the possible investment opportunities a capitalist may find in Oregon.

Investment opportunities for Aviation Mechanic

Every time we talk of Oregon airports, what particularly comes to mind? The best answer to this question would probably be Portland International Airport PDX which is located in the heart of Oregon a dish catering hundreds of both domestic flights and International flights everyday. However the state of Oregon have six different airports which are practically connecting their flights in order to provide convenience arriving and departing passengers so that they don’t have to commute during both arrival ad departures. The airports that handles commercial passenger flights in Oregon are:

1. Portland International Airport widely known as PDX.
2. Eugene Airport commonly known as EUG.
3. MFR(Medford Airport)
4. North Bend Airport also known as North Bend Airport
5. Pendleton Airport or PDT PDT
6. RDM or Redmond Airport

North Bend and Portland is actually the only two airports present on the coast do it is still mind-boggling on why Portland is listed as coastal when it is actually located inland. One good explanation as to why Portland is listed as a coastal Airport is the fact that it has direct access to a highwaywith a direct route leading to the coast while on the other hand the other 5 airports does not.

Therefore if you are looking for investments in Oregon probably consider aviation mechanic shops, due to the fact that the state has six different interconnected airports and will probably offer more work than you can handle. It is also noteworthy that there are still a lot of smaller regional airports in the area which probably does not have any aviation mechanic on duty and for this very reason outsourcing of larger airlines’ repair and maintenance can be given to you. This is a very good opportunity to jump start a lucrative investment venture.

Hospitality Investment Opportunities

Though this may be a bit taboo, Oregon is in fact legalizing the recreational use of cannabis For this reason there has been an increased in the tourism of the West Coast. This is another investment that you can tap on.

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