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Reliable Information About Medical Marijuana

People have countless different illogical statements about marijuana. Yet almost all of it are incorrect. After hearing these folklores, do you believe immediately to this or will you research about it? In order to help you gain a knowledge about marijuana, this article will give you correct statements and explanations about this plant.

Marijuana is a habit-forming. This statement is incorrect.
Marijuana is not a habit-forming. Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine has higher possibility that a person can be addicted to it compared to marijuana as medical studies show. OxyCotin and marijuana are similar. Abused by 20.4 million Americans last 2006, a painkiller called OxyCotin, is legally used and approved by the FDA. If being legalized, marijuana is safer to used the legalized OxyCotin.

Marijuana can harm your body. Deaths from some approved medicines of the FDA are increasing yearly. While marijuana has no records of fatalities due to its consumption.There is no record of deaths yet from using marijuana. It is not true when the people think about marijuana causing cancer such as cigarette smoking causes cancer. In a single day, a consumption of twenty or more cigarette sticks is the average for a single smoker. The consumption of medicinal marijuana is much lesser than a consumption of an average smoker in a day.
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III. Marijuana deteriorates your immune system. This statement was founded in an experiment did in 1980, claiming that the white blood cells were altered into denser reaction to risks when unprotected to THC. After that particular experiment, the following experiments related to that have never had similar conclusions. Marinol is being legally accepted to the public. It is an artificial form of THC that cures diseases that assault the immune system such as HIV.
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Marijuana cannot cure anyone medically. This is wrong, According to studies marijuana has multiple kinds of illness that can treat like migraines, AIDS, anorexia, arthritis, and even cancer. It can also treat mental health problems such as insomnia, anorexia, depression, and anxiety. It is being currently researched if medicinal marijuana can treat Alzheimer’s disease too.

The public will abuse the use of marijuana if this will be legalized and will be sold illegally. It cannot be legalized because people are having the stigma that it will only cause addiction. Painkillers and sleeping pills are drug that the FDA approved but can greatly cause addiction. Also, if it can be used as a treatment for severe illness such as AIDS and can be used as extreme painkillers, why would still they choose to let the patients suffer and still not allow it to be a medicinal drug?

These are some examples of irrational statements. Gather reliable data and analyze the articles you have read and then weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this topic. The opprobrium of this plant is incorrect and needs to be corrected in order to save patients that are waiting to be treated.

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